Terms and Conditions


Our Peonies

We ship top quality, true to name, bare root peonies. Our divisions generally have 3-5 eyes each, which is the recognized standard size in the horticulture industry and allows for the best transplanting success. Many, but not all will produce a flower or two the spring following planting. All the roots have spent at least two years in the field to ensure local hardiness.

We will not ship you anything that we ourselves would not be happy to receive.

The peonies are dug to order throughout first weeks in September to ensure fresh, ready to plant divisions. We do not store peonies for spring sales. Shipping will begin the first week in September and orders will be filled as they come, i.e. the first orders we receive are the first orders we ship.

Your Guarantee

You can be sure that the peony you receive is true to name but because we cannot control the many environmental variables that they encounter once they have been shipped and or planted we cannot guarantee the plants will grow well for you. We will however try our best to help you if you are not satisfied with them upon arrival. Check them immediately and send them back within 7 days and we will issue a credit or refund your money including postage. If you loose the peony the first year after planting contact us and we will help you figure out the problem and a replacement plant may be issued.

Non Plant Items

If you wish to return non plant items for whatever reason you can do so. The return postage will be paid by the buyer and you will be refuned the initial cost of the item and it's taxes but not the shipping costs and any taxes applied to the shipping costs.

Our Prices

Prices shown are in Canadian dollars and all customers will be billed in Canadian dollars.


We will accept personal cheques or Postal Money Orders, and e-transfers.



Please send full payment with your order. Cheques and money orders should be made payable to: Boreal Farms.

You can request confirmation of your order on the order form, but you will have to provide us with a valid email address and clearly state that you would like us to contact you. 

A receipt for your payment will be sent with the peonies in the fall. Post dated cheques will not be accepted.



 We will not make any substitutions without your permission. You can suggest appropriate substitutions or let us chose. We will substitute an equal or greater value peony and try our best to keep the substitution choice as close as possible to your original choice, using color and form as our guidelines.

Peonies as a Gift

Peonies make wonderful gifts they are easy to grow and are a long lasting perennial that needs minimal care once established.

All peonies sent as gifts are shipped with a colour picture and description of the plant. Or we will arrange for a gift certificate so they can shop for their own. Contact us and we can discuss your needs.

We will send you a confirmation when your gift has been shipped.

 Privacy Note: We have a strong aversion to the sharing of personal information via the web. Therefor, we take your privacy seriously and we do not share any information about our customers with other businesses.