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The peonies are all sold out for 2018, see you next year.  

Welcome to Boreal Farms, we are pleased share with you details about our farm and flower opperation and we hope the information provided here will be of interest.   Use the links above to purchase peonies or to garner some growing information. The interesting links button will take you to other sites which you may find informative.

Just living is not enough....One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower
— Hans Christian Anderson


The fact that our peonies, both herbaceous and itoh, survive in this northern Canadian climate is a testament to the peony as a hardy perennial.We currently grow over 80 varieties of herbaceous peonies and 5 of the itoh peonies but our list keeps changing each passing fall. The peony is the heart of our opperation, but we also grow specialty cut flowers for local retail and wholesale markets.

It is a myth that peonies need ants to open the blossoms. The ants are attracted to the nectar on the outside of a healthy bud. If the ants bother you, by all means, get rid of them. In my peony field the sugary nectar secreted on the outside of the buds attracts the hummingbirds and they can be seen working their way down a row from bud to bud. A truly wonderful site to see.

- we now accept e transfers as a form of payment

Because we are a small family farm some of our peony varieties are in limited supply and we debated weather to list them at all. The decision was made to offer for sale most of  the varieties we grow in order to fulfil customer's "wish lists" . We hope to fill yours.

100% Canadian grown

All our roots have been field grown with no mulch cover for at least four years. We have made sure they are winter hardy for the Canadian gardener. Every area is different and up here in north central Saskatchewan it gets very cold in the winter, sometimes before there is sufficient snow cover. Our peonies, both herbaceous and itoh, come thru with no  damage.

our peony selections

The number of peony roots available for sale to the home gardener can be daunting. The unending list of flowers makes it hard to choose. We at Boreal Farms have been doing selective culling over the past few years. It seems ruthless but you have to harden your heart and only keep the best specimines.

 We started searching for peonies in 2002 and  picked our varieties based on a small set of criteria, color, form, and beauty. As our peony selection grew we quickly realized that many peonies have very similar traits and unless you were an avid collector, you would not necessarily prefer one over the other. Some of our earlier varieties have been eliminated from the fields  for various reasons, the main one being inferior garden traits. Sarah Bernhardt comes to mind, replaced with Dinner Plate which is in our estimation a superior plant.

Our peony collection is now simplified because we try not to duplicate similarplants unless they have other worthy attributes to bring to the table. 

Therefor, at Boreal Farms  your specific peony color and form choices will be limited, and  while you may find we do not have and infinite list of peony varieties it is because we strive to only provide the ones that live up to our standards.

you can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt
— unknown



For the last few years we have ventured into hardy fruit trees for our challenging zone 2 weather.

Grafting Hardy Fruit trees has been our focus for the last three winters and we have had some success and of course a few failures.  We mainly use Siberian apple, prunus americana or nigra and Siberian pear as rootstock but some of our biggest successes have actually been with top worked well established trees.  First year grafted plum, pear and apple whips will soon be available for sale locally. 

Grapes are another good fruit for the prairies. There are an amazing number of cold hardy grapes and it is a mystery to me why more are not offered to the public. We will be selling potted grapes locally at a later date




Annuals are the mainstay of our cut flower production. All the annuals we grow are started here on the farm from seed. We source special varieties meant for the cut flower industry. These differ from the garden variety as they have been selected for traits that are needed in order to be a good cut flower, such as stem length and vase life. For example, a snap dragon for the garden (although you can cut it for the vase) grows about 18-24 inches, a cut flower snap will top 36 inches with some growing even 40". Certain varieties of sun flowers will not be good cuts as their necks become soft and they bend, others will last up to a week in the vase. If you need good cut flowers for an event research the variety as this will help to ensure your success.